Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Our Community (13th September)

Our Community
Maple Group (Thursday 13th September)

We began group time today with a story. It was Whose hat is this?
This story got the children thinking about different jobs in the community.
The story explored the following workers: construction, firefighter, chef,
police officer, baseball player, astronaut and beekeeper.
During this story the children were shown different hats and the children
used their thinking skills to decide who the hat belonged to.
All of the children showed great knowledge and communicating skills during
this time as they decided who owned the hat.

After the story all of the children got to choose a hat they would like to design.
We had a nurse, doctor, chef, farmer, firefighter, pilot, mail carrier, construction
worker, policeman and train driver to choose from.
The children showed great creativity decorating and designing their hat.
During this time the children were communicating to each other about
their colouring and chosen hat.
Aegon “I am going to be a chef”.
Elise “Are you sick teacher emma?  I am a nurse”.

Each child was so proud of the hat when it was competed.

At the end of the activity we played a game which was similar to our story.
A child stood up and showed everyone their hat. The rest of the children
had to use their knowledge of jobs in the community to decide what job
that hat belongs to.

Mikayla-Mail Carrier

The children showed great enthusiasm during this activity and were very focused
on learning about different jobs in their community.

Our Community (12 September)

Our Community
Maple Group (Wednesday 12th September)

Today Maple Group started to explore the concept of “community”.
Firstly taking community as the area where we live, the children and I
brainstormed some things they see in their community. Maple group showed
great knowledge as they shared their ideas.

Aegon “fire station”
Elise “playground”
Emma “school”
Gwendolyn “food store”

We then spoke about who might work at some of these places.
Firefighter = Fire station
Teacher = Day care
Bus driver = Bus
Policeman = Police station

After this we played a little game. There was some items set up on the floor.

books, food,
paint brushes,
trains, animals,
hair brush, mail,
fire hat, construction tools

The children all showed patience as they waited for their turn to choose
a card from the box.All of the children then got a turn to decide what item
on the floor matched with the card.

Each child got a chance to pick a card out of the box.

Then all the children used their knowledge and thinking skills to decide where
the card should go. Some of the children needed a little help as they were unsure.
The children are learning to communication with one another  as they worked
together to decide on some answers.

The children really enjoyed deciding where the card might go, matching the
fire station to the fire fighter hat and the animals to the farmer. They matched
the paint brushes to the artist, the books to the library, the tools to the
construction worker, the police uniform to the police man.

All of these are jobs in our community which the children are broadening
their knowledge on during this unit of inquiry.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Hiking Day

Hiking Day
Creative Minds children and teachers set off for a walk through Pacific Spirit Regional Park.

Step by step we looked all around us and listened to the interesting sounds of the forest.
The children used their inquirer profile when they explored the forest.
We passed by an unusual shaped tree. The children decided to name it the dragon tree.
"The dragon is breathing out fire" Aegon. All of the children were amazed staring up
and pointing at the tree.

Along the way many treasures were found. The children all used their communicative skills
to tell the teachers what they had found.

Saige found a feather.
Emma and Lina found some pine cones which transformed into pretend food.

Elise and Lina found some rocks.
Ellen found a berry. She said it was "A tiny baby orange"

Pitstop!! It was time for a rest. We stopped off to take a seat and drink some water.

On the move again. As we walked along the path we come to a sign with a map on it.
We had two paths in front of us right or left? As we looked at the map Mai
explained how to read the map. The red dot shows us where we are at the moment.
The children had to use their thinking skills to try and figure out what direction to go in.
We need to go left and take the Clinton Trail.

On this trail there is a small downward hill. We need to take slow footsteps as we walk down the hill.
Jamieson "teacher Emma, we need sticky shoes to help us walk down this hill".

Oh oh we come to a warning sign on the side of the path!! All the children really examined the sign.
Aegon"I think you are allowed to dig"
We kept walking with caution.
A few footsteps down the path we came to a truck parked on the path. There were cones
around it so we made sure to walk on the outside of the cones. After the truck there was workmen.
The children asked them what they were doing. The men explained to the children they were
building a fence with wood.

The path brings more interesting shaped trees.
Jamison and Nolan found a spike tree.
Keira and Roisin found a princess castle tree.

Just by the fence Aegon and Saige spotted something strange. Aegon "Its a snake". Ellen "Its a worm".

It was time for another pitstop. We all rested our legs on the grass and had a little snack.

We had one last map to look at to make sure we take the right turn that leads us back to the school.
Augustine remembered from earlier that we are where the red dot is.
We need to take the Salish Trail to lead us back to school.

On the final path we used some climbing skills to explore a tree. Some of
the children were courageous and took a turn
climbing up the tree.

An enjoyable hike had by all.

Water Park Day

Water Park Day

It was Wednesday morning and we had lots of excited children arriving at Creative Minds.
It was water park day. The teachers filled the wagon with all the belongings and we set
off walking for Chaldecott park.

When we arrived the children were so excited they went straight for the water.

Splashing, jumping, running through the water.
Having so much fun.
The children then enjoying their lunch, picnic style on their towels.

Some of the children decided to take a break from the water and enjoyed some time
on the swings or playing with friends.

Just beside the water park there was a hill which became so much fun. The children decided to
explore rolling, rolling and rolling down the hill.

We finished our day with a nice story before we began our walk back to Creative Minds.

Our Community (13th September)

Our Community Maple Group ( Thursday 13th September) We began group time today with a story. It was Whose hat is this? This story g...